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 Ministry Through Music


Modern American music, whether rock, country or hip hop, all originated from the gospel music that was performed in countless Protestant churches in late 19th and early 20th century America. As the 20th century progressed, gospel music evolved into folk, blues, country, jazz, rock, and R&B. This fusion of influences eventually combined with digital technology to produce today's various styles of popular "Western" music. 


Ultimately, it was Christ that inspired the various styles of music that dominate the World today. Unfortunately, Christ's message of faith, love and service is now fading in modern Western society.

The Ambient Reign music project is inspired by concern over popular culture as it slowly steers our society away from the Christian philosophy that created the Western world in the first place. Ambient Reign incorporates a fusion of various music styles with a socially and spiritually positive message of faith, hope and service.

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The Power of Prayer

This song is about the many friends I have lost contact with over the years and how I hope they understand that prayer is a crucial aspect in living their dreams and finding direction from God. Prayer is our best way to make personal requests, help others and simply ask God for direction to do great things in fulfilling our potential.

Relying on Faith

As we live our lives there will be times when our future is uncertain. This song is written about these occasions. Like a trusting child, we must have faith in our heavenly Father. Trust in the Lord, He knows the future and His plan is always our best option.

Will the Circle Be Unbroken?

This is a cover of an "old school" gospel song (written in 1906). It is about a family dealing with the death of a strong Christian mother and the concern by a child as to whether they will lose their faith as a family after her passing.

How Honest is My Faith

Having "sincere" faith in God should garner qualities that are free from pretense and hypocrisy. Honest faith should inspire all Christians to discover their true purpose in life with the appreciation of God's glory through their love and service for others.

In Your Name

​This song, written with blues elements, is a tribute to the apostles Peter, Paul and John and ultimately the salvation of Christ.

Salvation Reigns

This song is a celebration of the universal majesty of God and our guaranteed salvation through Christ.

The Blue Sky

This recording was made when I was a teenager. The song is about always having hope, as we must continue to look to the future and a brighter day. If we remain positive during adversity, our struggles and strife will produce maturity and wisdom.  


A dark and haunting song written about the distractions of a society with high technology and endless entertainment options. Being grateful and content often comes down to a state of mind. Will we be too busy to remember the spiritual consequences with life?

Every Single Day

Every day is an opportunity to right a wrong and make a change for the better in a world with a popular culture that is dominated by self-service and materialism.


For everyone who has faith, God has already chosen us before we ever existed! How can this be with a life of free will? This is because God knows the future! He already knows who will have faith and seek His glory and guidance.

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