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Creation and Scripture

We can debate the method and timing of creation. But, scientific evidence does reveal one fact. The universe was created with design from a Creator.

Dating to antiquity, the mystery of the origins of mankind and the creation of the universe have always been a topic of great interest. Sadly, the story of creation also seems to become more complicated and controversial as time goes by. This may partly be due to misconceptions in our popular culture and man-made church traditions alike. 

When accounting for recent scientific discoveries in archaeology and physics, it becomes clearer that the complexities of creation are beyond the capabilities of scientific progress and human comprehension. Evidence reveals that God did indeed design the universe to remain a mystery.


The first thing mankind must understand is that no matter how or when the universe was created, we must give credit to God's glory. All options for the creation of the universe and mankind are utterly miraculous. Whether God allowed the universe to gradually evolve into our current modern civilization, or He created the universe in the not-so-distant past by designing the evidence to look ancient, God's majesty reigns supreme.

“An outlook… at the vast mysteries of the universe should only confirm

our belief in the certainty of its Creator.” -Werner von Braun

So why did God design the origins of the universe and mankind to remain a mystery? This is required to allow for mankind's free will. Simply put... Life is a test of faith.

Prioritizing the Issues

The existence of human consciousness is miraculous. Like the mysterious laws of mathematics or the order in nature, consciousness has no physical presence in the world. The images and thoughts in our consciousness have no measurable dimensions or scientific explanation.


Amazingly, our nonphysical thoughts somehow mysteriously guide the actions of our physical human bodies. This is no more scientifically explicable than the mysterious ability of nonphysical mathematical constructions to determine the workings of the physical world.

Yet, we all take this reality for granted as we live out our lives every single day. This narrative holds true for the Bible.


Though often debated, what the Bible says is actually quite clear and in fact, scientifically accurate. Written from a perspective from people that lived over two thousand years ago, the Bible is understandably written off as outdated myth by secular academia and our greater society. Yet these modern day skeptics fail to understand that the Holy Spirit divinely inspired the Scriptures. This divine outcome is a book that is so authentic, modern science has yet to scientifically comprehend the bible's true significance. 


Today, the heart of the scientific debate surrounds a few hot button issues including credit, method and the timing of creation. I have always wondered... If someone is willing to spend time contemplating the origins of the human race or the universe, shouldn't they also question the totality and meaning of their life as a conscious being?


Our physical lives, our possessions and relationships here on Earth are fleeting... Are we too preoccupied to not notice? It is if we (and our conscious existence) are on a plane without landing gear. Unless one has a parachute (salvation by Christ), our existence is rapidly headed towards a physical death before we turn back into the dust of the Earth.

"In Genesis 3:19 it says:

"By the sweat of your face you shall eat bread, till you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken; for you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”

Life is short and forever is long... By His grace, God offers special consideration to mankind because we are made in His image. In other words, our souls are designed to live forever. So, in the end, the only issue that really matters is giving credit where credit is due. And ALL credit goes to God!

Amazingly, the Bible still provides specific answers to many creation related questions.


Interpreting the Bible

All books are written for one reason or another. Most are meant to entertain and others to inform. The Bible was written for a very specific reason too. It is to inform the reader about their place in society and the universe. The entire book is devoted to advising the individual to understand that they are valuable, unique, loved and forever connected to God and the unseen multi-dimensional universe. A realm that today's most accomplished scientists can only theorize.


Unfortunately, many unwittingly ignore the valuable information contained in the Bible. With an open mind, those who honestly do their research, discover a new-found universal perspective and outlook.

Aside from the Bible, the more one researches and comprehends quantum physics, the Bible's creation narrative amazingly becomes more clear.


Modern physics is teaching mankind that the more we learn about the universe, our materialistic conventional way of thinking is very misleading or in many ways the exact opposite of reality. As scientific evidence and mathematical data come to light, the secular science community has been forced to make a proverbial reboot with past misconceptions on countless occasions.

This holds true with our long-standing concept of space and time as a consistent measurement from our increasingly naive perspective. In so many ways, this can profoundly affect how we translate the Bible. Once this new-found perspective is finally established, the importance of the Bible's message comes to light.

The purpose for mankind is a test of faith, love and service for the glorification of God. This is our purpose every single day for the rest of our lives. Though it is normal to seek answers to the great questions in science, the vast aspects and reaches of the universe will be for our discovery after we are done renting these fleshy bodies here on Earth.

Faith in Hidden Dimensions

What is so amazing about the Bible is that there are, in fact, countless factual references to the universe and concepts found in modern quantum physics.

In the Book of Hebrews 11:1 it says:

"Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

As mentioned earlier, the Bible was inspired by God. Simply put, it becomes logical to believe that the Bible was organized with divine guidance.

It is commonly understood that the Bible was authored by 40 different writers. These authors were inspired by God (thru the Holy Spirit). This is specifically acknowledged in scriptures like: 

2 Timothy 3:16: "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness." (KJV)

2 Peter 1:20-21: "Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation. For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost." (KJV)

As long as someone accepts Christ and gives credit to God for the creation of the universe, they should not be judged on their personal view on when and how the Lord accomplished it. As far as I am concerned, anyone who judges others by claiming to know how and when creation occurred, they are acting unjust and will be judged themselves. 

Time Is Not Linear

Because of the scientifically tested equations revealed by quantum physics, it is important to understand that our notion of time in regards to creation is probably not measurable.


From our perspective we can ask... Is the universe thousands or billions of years old? Yet, in reality, the answer might be both... Sciences like physics and astronomy both teach us that time is not linear. With the discovery of black holes, we now know that space and time can be warped into non-existence. At the event horizon, adjacent to a black hole, time will actually come to a complete stop. Time truly is a great deception.


Modern science is still attempting to figure out what time is and how it can change across space. Because of the effects from gravity, the General Theory of Relativity has revealed the reality that time bends throughout the universe. This obviously contrasts from our distorted linear perspective of time here on Earth.

Here is a link to a simple one-minute video which explains the warping of time very well.

A group of scientists just recently discovered that they now think the universe may be two billion years younger than they previously thought. Don't be surprised if their naive estimates keep changing. If time advances at different speeds throughout outer space, then whose time is correct anyway?

Since modern physics has mathematically exposed that the passage of time changes depending on the location of the observer, our simplistic conceptual time frame for creation is almost irrelevant. Our partisan gravitationally influenced perspective from Earth is nothing short of perplexing and far more complex than we can imagine.


The Bible even tells us that the human concept of time is ignorant and primitive. This is acknowledged in 2nd Peter where it says:


"But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day." -2 Peter 3:8 (KJV)

If a proverbial “Big Bang” created the universe, some astrophysicists theorize that it might still be in the literal seventh day at the precise location of the Big Bang's point of creation and almost 14 billion years later from our Earthly perspective. Whatever the truth is, it will someday surprise us all!


If String theory is correct and matter is made of light waves of energy, one's imagination can literally go wild in regards to space and time. This concept is exposed in the growing debate on whether our universe is, in reality, a holographic simulator.


If this were to be true. The question is... Is our entire universe within the mind of God

The possibilities are so incredible that no expert or opinion should boast or judge another. In the end, this is an issue of credit and faith in the glory of God.

Creation and Popular Culture

We are taught by the secular media, most academic institutions and many Christian leaders that we must either choose between two simplified options for a creation narrative. One option is commonly referred to in Western popular culture as “scientific fact” by requiring a godless universe with life on Earth evolving by random chance through evolution over billions of years. 


The second option includes God (or a Creator) literally using six linear Earth days to create a universe that is just a few thousand years old.


In my view, this improper simplification of the issue is biased and an unscientific road-block to true science. Though it is quite possible that God did create the universe in six literal Earth days, these oversimplified narratives steer the masses of potential Christians away from their curiosity about the Bible and the reality of God. This also creates an unfair mass perception in secular society that Christians are unscientific. And it makes too many Christians think that they must also accept a singular scenario of creation which causes them to disregard other accurate realities of scientific discovery.


In reality, the debate about creation is an issue of credit, not an issue of method as most seem to be so concerned about. Belief in God as the creator and salvation through Christ should be the primary concern for Christians and potential converts. While it may be interesting for research and discussion, arguing and judging others over the process of creation is a waste of time and a distraction from the true meaning of the Gospel.

The Facts about Evolution

Physics has scientifically proven the existence of multiple dimensions beyond our perceptive three-dimensional world. Yet many supposed intellectuals and popular culture figures scoff at the notion of a Creator or a Biblical spiritual world. Can any scientist or skeptic on Earth describe any of the scientifically proven dimensions beyond our own three-dimensional realm? They obviously have no right to judge or discount Biblical accounts of a spiritual realm. 

Ironically, most Bible skeptics judge everything by physical evidence only. This gross bias distorts their perspective to the point that they unwittingly support unproven theories as physical evidence. There is probably no greater example than the theory of evolution.

"As far as the 'Theory of Evolution' is concerned,

popular culture tends to portray it as fact by implying the debate was settled in the era of Charles Darwin."

Yet, this is simply not true!!!!... Darwin's research exposed gradual changes within a particular species by a process called Micro-Evolution. This process is most exemplified in the Galápagos Islands where various iguana and turtles display defined variations from island to island. 


In truth, modern anthropology has yet to expose proof of one species transforming into another, or a direct link between any separate mammal species including humans. To be specific, nothing in the fossil record has ever been found that can connect one species with another. They are all unique according to their various kinds.

And God said,

“Let the earth bring forth living creatures according to their kinds—livestock and creeping things and beasts of the earth according to their kinds.”

And it was so. -Genesis 1:24

Too many times, overzealous archaeologists dig up bones and make knee-jerk claims to the media or the academic community about discovering the so-called "missing link". And every time they have been proven wrong. This bogus scenario often repeats because their financial funding is often based on spectacular results.

So far, science has only proven changes within a given species, by natural selection, for environmental reasons or selective breeding. A good example would have to be dogs, where humans have bred the species into a wide variety of specific breeds.

"When creation or evolution is debated in a scientific

or academic setting, why isn't the notion

of Theistic Evolution ever considered."


If the process of evolution were to have created the various species throughout the long history of the Earth, is it not possible that this occurred with divine guidance (known as intelligent design)? Is it not still possible that the entire universe also evolved according to God’s plan? Some theologians propose that the universe gradually evolved with divine guidance and then God made modern humans in an instantaneous moment.

The Bible tells us that humans are created in God’s image. This image is not a physical image, but a spiritual image. The Bible does not provide a clear time-frame or provide the specific details in regards to the creation of mankind. This is not relevant compared to the true purpose of the Bible anyway. The Scriptures will offer specific details about our eternal salvation in Christ... This is the true purpose of the Bible and what really matters!

Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA

Modern genetics confirms that all humans are closely related and that we derive from a single lineage. The Bible teaches us the same narrative. The question among Christians and non-believers is: When did this happen? It is obviously up to our interpretation of the Bible and scientific evidence. Genetic evidence from human DNA around the World has raised many questions as to when this happened. Does new evidence change our interpretation of the Bible? Does this evidence imply that when the Bible refers to Adam and Eve, "being made in God's image", they were really the first humans to have a soul? And not necessarily the first huminids to walk the Earth?

There is growing evidence that modern humans have small amounts of DNA from two separate archaic hominid species that are now extinct. Does this discount the Scriptures? No... Keep reading, I'll explain why!


Recent genetic research does expose that Northern Europeans have small amounts of Neanderthal DNA. Neanderthals inhabited regions located in Europe and Western Asia (from 400,000 to 40,000 years ago). There is no evidence that modern humans derive from Neanderthals, but the DNA evidence does imply that there was some interbreeding.


Many Asians also have a small amount of Denisovan DNA. The Denisovan species were an archaic humanoid group that lived across Eastern Asia from approximately 200,000 B.C. and potentially surviving as late as 14,500 years ago in the New Guinea region. Asian DNA evidence would also imply that humans in Asia interbred with Denisovans at some point in time too.

Human Interbreeding.jpg

Credit: Leopoldo Costa of Stravaganza

Interestingly, it has recently been discovered that West Africans have traces of DNA from a previously unknown group of extinct humans too.


Do these genetic differences in DNA from humans around the World help explain some of the minor differences in our appearances? Possibly... Could modern genetics be totally wrong in connecting humans to archaic hominid forms? Possibly so... And how is it that the primitive forms of humans exist in the first place? Are they illusions put in place by God to add to the mystery of creation? All options are possible!


There is no reason to assume that any possible scenario discounts the Scriptures. The Bible teaches us that God made modern humans in His spiritual image. That we do know!

One might still wonder if the Biblical reference to Adam and Eve (which literally means "man and women" in Hebrew) were the first actual human-like creatures to exist on Earth. Or were they really the first humans that were endowed with an everlasting soul that was made in God's spiritual image? Could this image also provide the superior intellect that makes humans more intelligent than all other creatures on Earth?

As the Bible explains, having an everlasting soul provides a profoundly greater purpose for mankind in God's view. Not just on Earth, but on to eternity, which is ultimately all that really matters.

Young Earth Creation Narrative

Could God have created the Universe, an Earth or even mankind to have an illusion to appear older than they are? Science proves that time is an illusion... Could the physical evidence (the tectonic, geology and archaeology) found on Earth also be an illusion too? Young Earth creationism has to be considered when accounting for the unconventional aspects revealed about the universe through the science of quantum physics.

Young Earth supporters are also able to point to growing evidence that exposes various flaws in conventional Earth science. Those who believe in the literal six (24 Earth hour) day creation narrative (Bible translation), calculate the genealogy from Adam to claim the universe was created approximately six thousand years ago. If this is the true reality of creation, God would have designed a universe where DNA, archaeological and geological evidence appear to have the illusion of being much older. This narrative is still in the realm of possibility too, as modern physics is revealing that the universe could simply be a holographic image within the mind of God.  

The further one researches creation through the sciences, one must accept that the truth for the timing and process is far beyond our imagination.

Where Credit Is Due

Since the purpose of the Bible is to teach mankind about God's glory, His laws and the salvation of Christ, it doesn't really matter what one believes as far as the timing and method of creation, as long as God is given credit.


As time goes by, the primary differences in the competing debates over the creation narrative have become a trivial, yet dangerous distraction from the greater issue of God's grace and Christ's ministry of salvation. Sadly, there will be a multitude of people that will never take the time to understand the true meaning and importance of the Bible because they were turned away by the divisive distractions regarding the issues of creation.


God patiently waits for us to seek Him while using life as a test by offering the human race a life test of free will and complete freedom of choice. For this reason, I believe that God intended the universe and the creation narrative to remain a mystery.

The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 3:11 (NIV):

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.”

Since we will never know the real story of creation in this life, it does give us something to look forward to on the other side. In fact, God has created the vast universe for our future discovery. 

Researching creation and the cosmos can be riveting, but if one does not have faith and give credit to God, nothing in this fleeting Earthly life will ultimately matter. 

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