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About Faith and Physics

Faith and Physics is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization from the state of Indiana.


The purpose of Faith and Physics is twofold. The first purpose is to teach skeptics about the staggering amount of scientific evidence from the fields of physics, astronomy, biology and history that reveal the fascinating accuracy of the Bible.

Most of the misconceptions that exist in secular society, and the Christian community as well, are created by secular traditions that are not found in the Bible.

The second purpose for Faith and Physics is to inform fellow Christians with appropriate scientific data and historic information to better represent the Scriptures. 

​​We will continue to add applicable information and empirical data about the Bible to this website to ultimately promote the eternal message of salvation in Christ... Amen!

A Message from the Managing Director:


In the beginning, God created light... All particles of matter, elements and conscious beings are made of waves of energy, as the entire universe is a part of our Creator's immeasurable electromagnetic spectrum.

As a life-long researcher of physical science, anthropology and theology, combined with a career of analyzing the properties of light in the aerospace and photonics industries, I put my interests together to help create Faith and Physics Inc.

Because of free will, I hope Faith and Physics will teach people that life is a test of faith.  And even more importantly, about building a genuine relationship with God.


The physical sciences continue to expose abundant evidence of God's universal majesty. The true scope of the vast multidimensional universe is so enormous and unconventional, it can only be theorized mathematically. Amazingly, the math does not lie. Scientifically, mathematics is on the side of the Bible!


Stephen Youngquist

Managing Director, Author,

Perpetual Anthropologist,

Aspiring Theologian,

and Science Junkie 

​​Faith and Physics Inc.

P.O. Box 3165

Bloomington, IN. 47401


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​​Bio for Stephen Youngquist

I am currently serving as an aerospace analyst. With a rapidly changing world in regard to technology and organizational structure, my professional focus is on the concepts of continual improvement through process management, business intelligence and strategic planning.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Applied Data Science Program

Colorado State University - Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL)

Indiana University - B.A. Triple Major - Anthropology, Political Science and Geography

Former Director of Quality for an AS9100 / ISO-9001  registered aerospace  optical filter manufacturer with a light and optics laboratory providing spectroradiometric measurement.

Former Quality Engineer for a multi-national  AS9120 / ISO-9001 registered integrated circuit / aerospace distributor with a electrostatic discharge certified lab and warehouse.

Certified AS9100 / ISO 9001 auditor (specializing in aerospace QMS improvement).

Project Manager for the manufacturing of various optical and aerospace devices for a wide variety of defense, aerospace and electro-optic industry clients.

Export Negotiator for ITAR and EAR99 registered night vision and optical filter technologies with the U.S. Department of State and the Bureau of Industrial Security.

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