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 Quantum Biology

Made in God's spiritual image, human DNA mutates in the quantum realm. Quantum entanglement reveals that free will and predestination can coexist.

As mentioned throughout this website, quantum mechanics is exposing that all matter (their subatomic particles) is made of extremely small waves of light energy. Quantum theory also states that our observations create the wave-particle duality that transforms waves of energy into particles of matter that we can detect, see and touch.


Quantum biology is the science in how a universe created by light energy is intertwined with matter, the human genome, and how humans are connected and influenced by the spirit, or as the Bible refers, the image of God. As the 20th century progressed, expert biologists discovered that particles can move through each other, can be connected from opposite ends of the universe, and human DNA mutates within this mysterious quantum realm. These new intriguing discoveries have led to the emerging scientific field referred to as Quantum Biology. Here is a short video that provides an outline of quantum biology.

As previously stated on this website, string theory provides a glimpse into some of the interesting realities that matter is not solid, but an almost empty void made of tiny waves of energy. This shocking reality opens up a variety of perplexing possibilities in regard to the human genome that coincides with Biblical teachings. Quantum biology reveals that matter and human DNA mutations are involved in a process called quantum tunneling. This allows all matter, including human DNA, to move through other material objects. When confronted by a barrier, instead of going around another object, particles are able to go through objects without the need for a massive amount of energy to be released. Quantum tunneling is also the catalyst in the process of nuclear fusion, as well as the light energy we receive from the Sun. All matter is subject to the same laws of nature.

Quantum Tunneling.jpg

Matter is energy, so tiny particles can move through physical objects - Image by Shutterstock


Quantum Entanglement


Another mind-warping phenomena from quantum biology involves a process called quantum entanglement. The discovery of this process is extremely important because it reveals, as the Bible intrinsically predicts, the fundamental nature of the universe. This is because quantum entanglement defies our conventional materialistic secular view of space and time because it shows that particles have the potential to instantaneously communicate anywhere in the universe. From a traditional physical perspective, secular science has always assumed that matter is a solid material object and that it would take larger amounts of time for any particle to interact with another particle as the distance increased. The world of secular science has no answer about this fundamental aspect of matter, and is now asking how this is possible?

An example could be a blue photon of light, split in two by a glass crystal, now becoming two separate red photons. These red photons can be separated by ten feet or opposite sides of a galaxy, yet they will still amazingly behave as if they are connected as one. The two particles will remain entangled no matter where they end up anywhere across the universe. Their physical properties like momentum and position are always inextricably linked until they are measured or observed. Our observation once again exposes the wave-particle duality previously discussed in greater detail on the Quantum Physics webpage. This is the process that amazingly transforms wave energy into matter. Interestingly the Bible exposes this fundamental concept of the universe on countless occasions by referring to the power of prayer, when discussing the heavens, when Jesus appeared to the disciples after His crucifixion, etc, etc.

This incredible reality means that the universally accepted limit of travel, called the speed of light, is utterly destroyed. Quantum entanglement means that space and time have no bearing in regards to physical matter when compared to our biased conventional three-dimensional material context.

When Albert Einstein organized the Theory of General Relativity, he interestingly referred to quantum entanglement as "spooky action at a distance". Scientists for decades have been trying to understand, let alone explain, the spooky action of quantum entanglement.


Here is a short (4 minute) video that summarizes quantum entanglement.

This is a very informative (50 minute) Nova documentary about quantum entanglement. This episode features the QE experiment that won the 2022 Nobel Prize in physics!

quantum entanglement 2.jpg

Separated photons will still communicate at any distance - Getty Stock Photo


It is also now theorized by many scholars and physicists that quantum entanglement is evidence of universal predestination. Considering the implications of individual particles communicating instantaneously across the universe, we must realize that this defies all conventional laws of physics. In other words, does the mind of the universe (God) know about every single event, including the splitting of photons, before they occur? This would have to be a universal intelligence that has existed before time and space were created.



An emerging scientific explanation for quantum entanglement is that every single event that ever occurs in our universe was already predetermined to happen since the inception of time, also known as the Big Bang. The concept is based on the notion that for two unique particles to instantaneously communicate from great distances, this could only occur if the communication was somehow predetermined beforehand. This would also imply that this same scenario has been occurring with all particles since the beginning of creation. The concept of predestination is referenced in the Bible. Every event, every bit of matter, or every decision made by a human being, has been known to God since the beginning of time.

The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps

- Proverbs 16:9 (ESV)


Another popular verse for this concept is found in the first chapter of Ephesians:

"In him we have obtained an inheritance,

having been predestined according to the purpose of him who works all things according to the counsel of his will." - Ephesians 1:11 (ESV)

The million-dollar question is...

How do the concepts of mankind's predestination

and freewill reconcile with each other?


The answer may not be that complex after all... If God knows the future, He also knows our free will inspired decisions before we ever make them. Thus, He is able to choose those who willingly decide to follow His laws long before we ever exist. The apostle John teaches that Christians are chosen by God because of our good works.

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works,

which God prepared in advance for us to do.

- Ephesians 2:10 (ESV)

The Bible does not note his specific age, but most scholars assume that Jeremiah was quite young when he was inspired to become one of the greatest Old Testament prophets. And it is clear from the scripture that God had a plan for him before he was born.

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I have appointed you a prophet to the nations."

- Jeremiah 1:5 (ESV)


If we account for God's eternal perspective in that He already knows the future before all events occur, everyone who makes a decision through their own free will is predestined to do so from our creator's omnipotent viewpoint. In other words, God already knew what our decisions would be before He ever created the universe. This interesting concept logically explains quantum entanglement and why so many are sadly, by their own choosing, never included in God's eternal plans.

"The Lord has made everything for its purpose,
   even the wicked for the day of trouble."

- Proverbs 16:4 (ESV)

A Holographic Universe


Considering that matter is be made out of light, and particles are able to instantaneously communicate from across the universe, the framework of universe must be much different than the conventional physical sciences predict. Over the last 50 years, many quantum physicists have mathematically calculated that the universe is most likely nothing more than a holographic projection. Some of these scientists are also referring to our universe as a grand holographic simulator. If this were the case, one could wonder if this universal simulation is initiated by God?

According to the math, a holographic three-dimensional universe is thought to be projected from a two-dimensional surface which contains all the information we would need to sense three dimensions much like a hologram. This fascinating concept is known as the ‘holographic principle’ which arises from string theory. Remember, String theory predicts that matter in our 3-D universe is made up of an empty void of vibrating strings called gravitons.

These strings create the holograms that we witness in 3D space within a flat cosmos. The strings contain information like a 3-D object’s volume. If one wanted to know what exists inside a round object, everything would be found by looking at the 2-D surface.


 Credit: Getty Images

Understanding Space Time

Mathematical evidence continues to promote the theory that space-time may be a part of a hologram generated by quantum entanglement. As Einstein called it, "spooky action at a distance", a network of entangled quantum states, called qubits, weave together the fabric of space-time in a higher dimension. The resulting geometry seems to obey Einstein’s general relativity.

One can think of space-time as the images you can see on a computer screen. You may be able to observe it, measure the screens size, color, and brightness, similar to objects in our real-world 3D environment. Quantum mechanics says there are more dimensions though, and mysterious things happening on those dimensions are giving form to the things we observe in our real-world 3D environment.

So, if 3D space-time is what you see on the computer screen, higher dimensions are what’s going on in the CPU. Your computer's CPU does the things your screen can’t display and you mind probably can’t imagine. Because our perspective is the PC screen (our 3D world perspective), it should be very hard for us to understand or imagine what’s happening in the computer CPU (or the many higher dimensions theorized in quantum mechanics).


Aside from a 3-D hologram emerging from the information encoded on a 2-D surface, the universe’s 4-D spacetime could also be projected from this same 2-D surface. Physicists have mathematically discovered that five-dimensional imaginary with spacetime called anti–de Sitter space (AdS) could also include gravity.

Further, the math also exposes that one could replicate the same system in the absence of gravity, called a conformal field theory (CFT). In other words, physicists found two different theories that could both describe the same physical system, showing that the theories were, in a sense, equivalent. Even though these two equations included different numbers of dimensions, one with gravity and the other without, this AdS/CFT duality would hold true for other pairs of theories. One could calculate one having a single extra dimension than the other, or even those describing 4-D spacetime.

 Credit: T. Pyle / Cal Tech / MIT / Ligo Lab

Ever since Einstein, the physicists have been working on how to make sense of space and time. Before then, it was a consensus that Isaac Newton had figured it all out. Time “flows equably without relation to anything external,” Newton had once proclaimed. Absolute space is defined, “always similar and immovable.” Nothing to debate or question. The events of physical reality performed independently on a neutral stage where our physical world actors performed without influencing the rest of the theater.

But Einstein’s theories turned Newton’s absolute space and time belief system upside down. The new equations suggested an interactive spacetime where the actors influenced each other altering the space of the playing field. This was nothing less than a scientific revolution. Einstein revealed in his general theory of relativity, matter and energy warped the spacetime surrounding it. This concept also explained gravity. Newton’s force of attraction theory was replaced by spacetime geometry. It was this new understanding of spacetime that dictated the motion of massive bodies like planets and stars.

Credit: Faith and Physics (2022).

When accounting for our three-dimensional universe created by the Word of God, where invisible waves of light become physical matter through the observer effect.... This reality is amazingly revealed in the Bible.

"By faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible." - Hebrews 11:3 (ESV)

This verse is scientifically evidenced by quantum physics which is mathematically revealing that we live in a holographic universe. In other words, the universe exists in the mind of God. Physics also exposes the reality of verse 11:3 in that light energy becomes physical visible matter when the light wave is observed by a human being. This is called the Observer Effect. Modern physics is gradually proving the amazing scientific accuracy of the Bible.

New Technologies using Quantum Entanglement


The US Department of Energy recently announced a ten-year plan to roll out the very first internet platform using technology based on quantum entanglement. This leading-edge version of the internet would be virtually 'unhackable' and could transmit data instantly.

Advancements in quantum technologies are occurring in a variety of industries. In 2019 alone, we witnessed a virtual explosion of emerging uses for quantum entanglement. 

Over the past decade, a growing number of countries from all over the World have begun to make surprising discoveries with quantum computing, communication systems as well as the encryption of data. In recent years, China has made substantial investments as they have recently become a world leader in the research and implementation of various cutting-edge quantum technologies. With its vast potential, many experts now consider this to be the world's most important technology race.

Quantum Biology and Human DNA

The Bible teaches us that humans are created in God’s image. Today, researchers are just beginning to expose this reality scientifically. While the existence of an unseen universal quantum energy field has been theorized, and written about, experiments in recent decades reveal an cosmic web that is connected to the human genome.

The following section will review a scientific experiments that involve the mysterious relationship between the subatomic quantum realm and human DNA. These fascinating experiments will investigate how our DNA interacts with particles of light, and how our DNA communicates over great distances, even after it is removed from its human host. And lastly, how it creates an unknown dimensional matrix, or energy, where human emotion and prayer, can influence and alter the DNA in other individuals far away. These are just a few examples, of the many innovative studies that confirm the exciting reality of quantum mechanics playing a significant role in the biological process of our DNA mutation.

​​Experiment #1: DNA and Light Particles


Between 1993 and the year 2000, a study led by Vladimir Poponin, a veteran quantum biologist with a long list of scientific patents, and a team that included Peter Gariaev of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), tested the behavior of DNA on light particles (called photons). And according to string theory, the quantum “stuff” that our world is made of.


To begin the experiment, they first removed all the air from a specially designed tube to create a vacuum. Traditionally, the term vacuum implies that the container is empty, but even with the air taken out, the scientists knew that something would still remain inside - "photons". Using precisely engineered equipment that could detect photon particles, the scientists measured their location within the tube. They wanted to confirm if the particles of light were scattered everywhere, clinging to the sides of the glass, or perhaps clustered in a pile at the bottom of the container. What they found first came as no surprise: The photons were distributed in a way that was completely unordered. In other words, the particles were everywhere inside of the container.

In the next part of the experiment, samples of human DNA were placed inside the closed tube with the photons. In the presence of the DNA, the particles of light did something that no one anticipated; rather than the scattered pattern that the team had seen before, the particles were newly arranged in the presence of the living material.


The DNA was clearly having a direct influence on the photons, as if shaping them into regular patterns through an invisible force. This is important, since there’s absolutely nothing in the tenets of conventional physics that would allow for this to occur. Yet in this controlled environment, DNA — the substance that composes us — was observed and documented to have a direct effect on particles in the subatomic realm.

Amazingly when the DNA was removed from the tube, the photons remained in place…

So, what was affecting the particles of light? Did the DNA leave something behind, a residual force that lingered after the physical material was removed? Or was an even more mysterious phenomenon at work? Were the DNA and the light particles still connected in some way and on some level that we don’t recognize, even though they were physically separated and no longer in the same tube?

In summary, researchers were forced to accept the working hypothesis that some new field structure is being excited. Because the effect appeared to be directly related to the presence of human DNA, the newly discovered phenomenon was subsequently named the “DNA phantom effect.”

Experiment #2: DNA and Distance


In 1993, an experiment reported in the journal Advances stated that US Army scientists led by Dr. Cleve Backster performed various experiments to determine precisely whether the emotion/DNA connection continues following a donor separation, and if so, at what distances? The researchers started by collecting a swab of tissue that included DNA from the inside of a volunteer’s mouth. This sample was then isolated and taken to another room in the same building where they began to investigate a phenomenon that modern science says should not exist. In a specially designed chamber, the DNA would be measured electrically to see if it responded to the emotions of the person it came from. The donor was subsequently taken to a location several hundred feet away.

In an isolated room, the subject was then shown a series of video images. Designed to create genuine states of emotion inside the subject's body, this material ranged from graphic wartime footage to comedy. When the donor experienced emotional “peaks” and “dips,” the subject's cells and DNA showed a powerful electrical response at the same instant in time. Although distances measured in hundreds of feet, separating the donor and the samples, the DNA acted as if it was still physically connected to the donors body.

Following the initial studies, scientists continued the investigations at even greater distances. At one point, a span of 350 miles separated the donor and the individual’s reactive cells.

Furthermore, the time between the donor’s experience and the cell’s response was gauged by an atomic clock located in Colorado. In each experiment, the interval measured between the emotion and the cell’s response was zero — the effect was simultaneous. Whether the cells were in the same room or separated by hundreds of miles, the results were the same. When the donor had an emotional experience, the DNA reacted as if it were still connected to the donor’s body in some way.


As Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, a research colleague of Cleve Backster, stated so eloquently;

There is no place where one’s body actually ends and where it begins.”

Experiment #3: DNA and Emotion


Documented experiments were conducted by isolating human DNA in a glass beaker and then exposing it to a powerful form of feeling known as coherent emotion. According to Glen Rein and Rollin McCraty, the principal researchers from a research institute called HeartMath, this physiological state may be created intentionally by using specially designed mental and emotional self-management techniques which involve intentionally quieting the mind, shifting one’s awareness to the heart area and focusing on positive emotions. They performed a series of tests involving up to five people trained in applying this same form of coherent emotion. Using special techniques that analyze the DNA both chemically and visually, the researchers would be able to detect any changes that happened.

The results were undeniable and the implications were unmistakable. The bottom line: Human emotion changed the shape of the DNA! Without physically touching it or doing anything other than creating precise feelings in their bodies, the participants were able to influence the DNA molecules in the beaker.

What do these experiments mean?

In the first experiment, Poponin showed us that human DNA has a direct effect on the vibration and location of light waves. In the second (the military experiment) we learned that our DNA, even when removed, or separated by a great distances, still reacts as if these DNA molecules are still in one's body. Distance seems to have no effect. In the third experiment, the HeartMath researchers showed us that human emotion has a direct effect on DNA, which in turn can directly impact those in the world around us.

These experiments represent the beginning of the understanding of a powerful technology, an inner technology, that does more than simply tell us we can have an effect on our bodies and our world… It shows us that we (our DNA) is connected to a quantum matrix beyond our conventional physical limits and expectations.


These experiments also expose that emotion and prayer, especially by multiple individuals, can have a profound effect (as the Bible explains) on the fortunes of others and our universe in ways that traditional science cannot explain.

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