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Biblical Charts and Maps

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1st Century Jerusalem

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The Apostle Paul was crucial in spreading the Gospel to the Gentiles. During his ministry he made three missionary journeys across Asia Minor (present day Turkey) and Southeastern Europe. Paul made two journeys to Rome where he was eventually martyred by the Emperor Nero around 67AD.

Paul's First Journey (outgoing); 46-47 AD (Acts 14:22-28)

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Paul's First Journey (return trip); 46-47 AD (Acts 14:22-28)

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After Paul's first journey of ministering the message of Christ to Gentiles, Church leaders back in Jerusalem became concerned that Paul was breaking traditional Jewish laws by eating meals with ceremonially unclean Gentiles. This issue led Paul to The Council of Jerusalem (Acts 15:1-36).

Paul's Second Journey (outgoing); 49-50 AD (Acts 15:36 to 16:8)

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Paul's Second Journey (stage 2); 51AD (Acts 16:8-17:31)

4 second stage 2w.jpg

Paul's Second Journey (return trip); 51-52AD (Acts 18:11-22)

5 second stage 3w.jpg

Paul's Third Journey (stage 1); 53-56AD (Acts 18:24-19:22)

6 third stage 1w.jpg

Paul's Third Journey (stage 2); 53-56AD (Acts 18:23-21:17)

7 third stage 2w.jpg

Paul's Third Journey (stage 3); 57AD (Acts 18:23-21:17)

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Paul's First Journey to Rome; 59-62AD (Acts 27:1-28 to 28:15)

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Paul's Final Journey to Rome; 64AD (2 Timothy 1:15-17, 4:1, 10, 13-20)

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